5 Valuable Skills Learned From Kids CrossFit Classes

You might think that the only thing kids learn from a CrossFit program is strength & endurance, but that’s not what we’ve seen over the years. In our kids CrossFit classes led by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, kids of all ages have picked up these 5 life skills, and more. Which is why we are running our 4th round of our kids program at Kôr Fitness and Performance for kids from ages 6 and up.

Kids Learn Confidence

CrossFit takes an hour of our day and constantly proves to us adults that we can do hard things. That same one hour helps kids know they can do hard things both in and out of the gym. It also helps kids learn to navigate challenging tasks, ask for help, and utilize resources to learn new skills.

When your child knows that they can try a new movement and succeed, or ask for help and receive it, they are more likely to try new things and ask for help throughout their lives.

Kids CrossFit Classes Teach Coordination

Many of our kids CrossFit classes participants have never picked up a jump rope or a weight at this point. Which is why we teach them how to properly move their bodies while their bodies continuously change. Continuing to challenge them in new ways improves their coordination in everyday life. With continuous cueing from coaches they work on their technique in every class. 

CrossFit improves coordination through exercises that require precise body control and quick transitions, such as box jumps, burpees, and rope climbs. Kids CrossFit classes often involve exercises that require you to balance on one foot or on elevated surfaces, which helps to strengthen the muscles and improve the coordination that are necessary for good balance.

Kids Develop Relationships

From home school to public school to private school our kiddos are meeting friends from various walks of life around the Woodbury, MN and Cottage Grove, MN areas. They take classes with the same kids throughout each program so they can get to learn more about one another. This consistency helps strengthen their relationships through challenging workouts and working together as a team. We incorporate partner workouts into the program to strengthen their ability to communicate with each other too.

The CrossFit community can be a source of motivation within the gym and friendship outside of it. The friendships formed in CrossFit go beyond surface-level connections because they are built during challenging workouts together. 

Role models

Seeing adults of all ages and body sizes working out and pushing boundaries next to them provides role models they may not have been exposed to outside of CrossFit. We show them the importance of exercise through their lifespan, not just their athletic prime. Working out with your parents and family members strengthens the role that the older folks in their lives play.

Our coaching staff is predominately female, which is great for the girls in our classes. That’s because research shows that same-sex role models can positively influence self-perceptions. Girls can aspire to women whose accomplishments they can achieve, such as becoming a better athlete or a coach. While boys also benefit because female coaches can provide diverse perspectives, insight, and advice to their athletes.

Kids CrossFit Programs Encourage Curiosity

Kids used to go to playgrounds and play on monkey bars, now their primary source of entertainment are devices. CrossFit gives them the opportunity to try new things away from a screen. From rope climbs, to barbells and dumbbells, to box jumps and more, new movements are constantly introduced throughout our 8 week programs.

If you’re ready for your children to learn lots of skills from our Kids CrossFit Classes, sign up for the summer program now!