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The Team

Braeden & McKay Cordts owners of Kor Fitness & Performance

Braeden and McKay

Founded Kôr Fitness & Performance in 2021

Braeden Cordts coach at Kor Fitness & Performance

Braeden Cordts

Owner, General Manger, L2

Braeden holds his CrossFit L2 certification, has his BS in Human Biology and is in route towards his Masters in Exercise Science & Doctorate in Chiropractic. He’s currently seeing patients as a Chiropractic Intern at Hastings Sport & Spine!

When did you start CrossFit? “2016”

When did you start coaching CrossFit? “2017”

What do you love about coaching at KFP? “I love watching our members accomplish small wins each day. Our community is inclusive & supportive to everyone who walks through our doors. The culture is truly unlike any other gym I’ve been apart of & I couldn’t be more proud of it.”

What’s your favorite movement? “I’m going to have to agree with Coach Bekah on this one, I love the hero WOD “Holleyman”. No reason to stop moving, no where to hide😜”

What do you like to do outside of the gym? “Trying new restaurants with my wife, McKay. Spending time with our chocolate lab, Willow. Golf, reading, cabin time.”

McKay Cordts coach at Kor Fitness & Performance

McKay Cordts

L2, Nutrition Coach

McKay is one of our CrossFit L2 coaches, an owner & nutrition coach at The Kor Method, our social media guru and the General Manager of KFP CrossFit.

When did you start CrossFit? “2015”

When did you start coaching CrossFit? “2016”

What do you love about coaching at KFP? “I might be biased since my husband & I own KFP 😜 but it’s the best gym in Minnesota. From the care & quality of coaching, to the why & knowledge behind the programming. Our coaches strive to make a positive impact on each & every one of our members and it’s not just a gym; It’s a big family who supports one another through the lowest of lows & highest of highs in & outside of the gym. We’re here to help make you a stronger, healthier version of yourself regardless of where you’re starting at.”

What’s your favorite movement? “I love anything with snatches in it or the workout “DT”. Anytime I can sling around a heavy barbell I’m happy 😜”

What do you like to do outside of the gym? “Right now it’s sleeping, considering I’m 20 weeks into growing a human 🤣 I love cabin weekends & watching Willow live her best life in the water, or on my parents boat & trying new restaurants with the hubby Braeden Cordts.”

Lexi Noel coach at Kor Fitness & Performance

Lexi Noel


Lexi is a CrossFit L2 coach, has her Larger Body Athlete certification, Kids CrossFit & CrossFit Pregnancy + Postpartum certification. She’s also a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Loon State Physical Therapy who specializes in pelvic health 🤓

When did you start CrossFit? “2018”

When did you start coaching CrossFit? “2021”

What do you love about coaching at KFP?
“The people, we really don’t have a one size fits all model. Anyone and everyone is welcome at KFP. Our coaching staff does an amazing job making every workout accessible to any fitness level and our community cheers for everyone. We’ve created a family and it’s so much more than just working out.”

What’s your favorite movement? “Deadlifts, but I really just love a heavy barbell”

What do you like to do outside of the gym?
“I love to travel, go camping, hiking, go to concerts and read books 🤓”

Bekah Mattson coach at Kor Fitness & Performance

Bekah Mattson

Client Success Manager, L2

She holds her CrossFit L2, USAW & Larger Body Athlete certification. Bekah is in charge of our athlete relations and puts out monthly podcasts (find them on Spotify at “Health & Fitness the KOR way”)

When did you start CrossFit? “April 1, 2016”

How long have you been coaching? “Since November of 2018”

What do you love about coaching at KFP? “I started CrossFit to lose weight. Which I did. And then it became so much more than that and changed my life in so many ways. I want to be able to share that with others. KFP allows me to connect with, learn from and share my passion with others.”

What’s your favorite movement/ workout? “Hero WOD “Holleyman”
30 Rounds For Time
5 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
3 Handstand Push-Ups
1 Power Clean (225/155 lb)
I love this because there is no excuse to ever stop moving. Plus, gymnastics and a heavy barbell. What’s not to love.”

What do you like to do outside of the gym? “Anything outside no matter the weather. Soaking up the sun, playing in the snow, dancing in the rain. I also really LOVE cheesy Hallmark movies!”

Alison Monday coach at Kor Fitness & Performance

Alison Monday

HEAD Coach, L2

– CrossFit L2
– Trauma-Informed 200 Hour Yoga Instructor
– PN Level 1 Nutrition Certification
– PN Level 1 Sleep, Stress Management & Recovery Coaching Certification

When did you start CrossFit? “2012”

When did you start coaching CrossFit? “2018”

“I started coaching group fitness classes in 2011 because I wanted to step away from the computer screen I was at all day + interact with other humans (something that doesn’t exist when you’re self-employed.) It started with yoga and shifted into functional fitness + CrossFit when I experienced the magic of that methodology for myself. I got my L1 in 2018 and have been coaching multiple classes a week + workshops since.”

“My certifications point to working with the whole human, not just the movement I see in front of me. Breath, mobility, body awareness, mindset, stress, nutrition, life experiences, strength, all come together during our 1 hour a day together. And I’m here to support you with all of them.”

“You’ll catch me dramatically breathing while coaching to remind you to do the same, encouraging you to root for yourself louder than anyone else in the room, and sliding a terrible dad joke in whenever possible.”


Jenna Firner

Coach, L1

She holds her CrossFit L1, has her BA in Nutrition & Dietetics. To top it all off she is a licensed attorney!

When did you start CrossFit? “2016”

When did you start coaching CrossFit? “2022”

“I initially joined CrossFit as a mental and physical outlet from school and instantly fell in love with the movements, the progress I made, and the community. I love the variety that CrossFit offers because I am someone who gets bored easily and I also love how much it continually challenges me. As I started to make progress in the gym, I realized the importance that nutrition has on my body and health and really focused on tailoring my macros to maximize my performance in the gym. So, if you need any good, macro friendly recipes, let me know!”

“I specifically love the lifts associated with CrossFit; there is no better feeling than walking up to a barbell and throwing around some heavy weight. I also love the feeling of hitting a PR, whether it’s hitting a specific lift, or just showing up and giving the workout my all. I knew I wanted to coach when other athlete’s PRs felt like my own. I get just as excited and giddy watching someone accomplish a goal or movement that they have been working towards. I am the kind of coach that will encourage you to challenge yourself, believe in yourself, and have fun.”

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