the power of the CrossFit community

Unbreakable Team: The Power of the CrossFit Community

At Kôr Fitness and Performance, we believe in the power of our CrossFit community. When it’s time to make a change in your life, having support can be the difference between succeeding and failing. We know that making a positive change for your health is made exponentially easier when that change is made with others.

Why Community Helps Your Fitness

You might have done some working out alone. Whether that’s running, going to the gym to use the machines or free weights, or using the dumbbells in your basement when you have the time. You know just how tough it can be to get motivated to do the thing you intended to do. That doesn’t even include figuring out what to do once you get started.

When there is someone at the gym waiting for you, or a friend that knows about your plans, it becomes easier to take action. Some of that comes from the accountability, but it also makes working out more enjoyable when you’re with someone you know.

The Benefits of a CrossFit Community

CrossFit takes this accountability piece a few steps further. Not only does everyone in your group workout class know your name (we share our names at the start of every class), our members also make plans to see each other at specific workouts or class times. If someone isn’t in class, our members notice. Through group text threads or individual check-ins, your classmates are invested in you being in the gym just as much as your coaches are.

Because we do the same class workout together, there is community in the challenge of working hard. Everyone in the gym knows just how tough that particular workout was because they each did it, and did not have to do it alone. Equipment is not put away until every person is done with their workout because we are there to support each other. And before cleaning up our weights, our CrossFit community dishes out high fives and fist bumps to acknowledge the hard work that each person just put in. 

Our coaches make sure that you’re not only moving safely and effectively, but they also push you to try new things. However, our members tend to be even more motivating to one another when it comes to lifting heavier weights or progressing with new movements. One member of class trying a new pull-up drill will quickly turn into two or three folks lining up at the bar to try it too. And our partner workouts, which happen weekly, often lead to one teammate saying “you can do this” to the other throughout the workout.

Our CrossFit Community Outside

That type of motivation and accountability doesn’t just happen from the challenge of working out together though. Which is why we organize events outside of our normal class schedule so that members can get to know each other. 

So far in 2024, we’ve hosted our annual holiday party, had 2 seminars about different topics, enjoyed a pizza party, done a workout to gather supplies for our recent mamas-to-be, and were the final stop in our owner’s graduation party. 

And when being in person isn’t an option, our Facebook group is a daily source of accountability and support for our CrossFit community. Every Friday someone new kicks off “Feel Good Friday” with something that inspired them that week at the gym. The majority of these posts are about someone other than themselves and the work they are doing to be better. Throughout the day, other members chime in and tag others with the hard work that they notice. 

Imagine how much easier it would be for you to make a healthy change in your life with a team of coaches and a gym full of members noticing your work and rooting for your success? We’d love to have you join us.